SatisFeet Packaging Design

Audrey Marti is an independent, self-taught artist with over 30 years of experience. She believes that every painting finds its owner and is thrilled when owner and painting begin to to live together.

Her paintings bear a special signature through her own technique and visual language and thus have their unmistakable recognition value. Audrey Marti works with different materials - stone, slate, paper and much more.

In fact, her paintings have also found SatisFeet. While searching for typical, Swiss art with a touch of Swiss chliché, we came across her paintings. The combination of color and stone is fascinating. We were immediately struck by the effect. Bernhard S. Keller personally visited Audrey Marti and commissioned the design of paintings
commissioned. The result is beautiful pictures always in connection with foot. Today, her artwork adorns our packaging of the high-quality SatisFeet foot care products. Everything Made in Switzerland.

Website von Audrey Marti

SatisFeet E-Bike on Tour

At the 9th annual congress of the Swiss Podiatry Association, the sleek SatisFeet e-bike was raffled off. Of course, the company's own racing professional did not miss the opportunity to personally hand over the modern vehicle into the hands of the lucky winner.

We warmly congratulate:

Melanie Winter
Podologie MW, Schwerzenbach ZH

SatisFeet Maskottchen «Footy»

Walter Zeller is a Lenker original. Through his profession as a postman known throughout the region. Besides his job, his passion as a painter has always accompanied him. Today, the artist creates beautiful works from wood.

Bernhard S. Keller knows his works and during a visit to the studio Zeller, the two came up with the idea of a creation in foot form.

Walter Zeller is the father and inventor of our new mascot "Footy". Footy fits in every shop window and on every counter.


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