A success story for over 50 years

Reflecting on its roots in the foot care sector, Simon Keller AG launched its own foot care line, SatisFeet, in 2018. Meticulous preparatory work, in which no detail or component was disregarded, paved the way for a successful market launch. Last but not least, a broad survey among podiatrists and other professionals provided important information on key aspects such as product characteristics, ingredients, packaging, product range design and branding.

The best of what nature has to offer ... 

In particular, the importance of naturalness, compatibility and Swissness became apparent. Following these guiding principles, the basis of the SatisFeet products crystallised: the Uttwiler Spätlauber - an old, rare Swiss apple variety - or more precisely, its stem cells. This potent ingredient is able to increase the lifespan and vitality of skin cells and protects them from environmental stress. Of course, the naturalness continues with many other active ingredients used. Honey, lavender, rosemary and papaya are just a few of the natural resources whose effects are used in the SatisFeet products. 
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... combined with modern technology

A formulation that is as natural as possible is one thing. At the same time, the latest scientific findings are taken into account in formulation and production, so that the market is enriched by a highly effective, low-allergy and well-tolerated end product. 

From Emmental out into the world

With SatisFeet, Simon Keller AG creates a link to the long-standing tradition and core business of the founding years. The different product lines specifically cover a wide range of needs on the market and enjoy great popularity. A popularity that does not stop at the Swiss border : SatisFeet products are already available in numerous countries all over the world.

The history of Satisfeet

Origin of the brand