«Bravo Bravo - SatisFeet is based on the highest level and is a hit thanks to natural ingredients.»

Mrs. Lang
Lang Kosmetik & Podologie, Zürich Seefeld

«I am excited to present a new offering to my clients.»

Mr. Grosso
Podologie Grosso, Uster

«It's super to be able to offer a 100% natural, Swiss foot care line.»

Ms. Allenspach
Tinas Island GmbH, St. Gallen

«Simply a successful line with a beautiful appearance and healthy freshness.»

Mrs. Dschulnigg
Dipl. Podologin SPV, Uzwil


Personal success stories

«I just love it - SatisFeet is great!.»

Mrs. Sabattini & Mrs Ullmann
Podologie Sabbatini & Ullmann, Amriswil

«I am very happy to switch from my previous products to the Swiss brand SatisFeet.»

Mrs. Thönnes
Diabetologische-medizinische Fusspflege, Rapperswil SG