"Nothing is as constant as change" - the Greek philosopher Heraclitus is still right today. The economy, politics and especially social norms and values are constantly evolving. This social change is particularly noticeable in the - fortunately - increasing environmental awareness. A careful use of resources, a return to regional goods and generally a rediscovered love for the treasures of nature are just some of the manifestations of this change.

It is not least due to increasing allergies and intolerances that people are no longer prepared to blindly expose their bodies to chemical or otherwise artificial ingredients, especially in food and care products. And this is not necessary! Relaxing lavender, moisturising aloe vera, refreshing mint and much more: nature is an almost inexhaustible source of unique active ingredients.

During the development phases of SatisFeet products, we have always followed this fact as a guiding goal and combined the best ingredients from nature with the most modern science. The formulations also took into account the experience and knowledge of dozens of podiatry and foot care professionals. Thanks to their practical experience, they were significantly involved in all important decisions regarding ingredients, mode of action and packaging material, thus laying a fundamental foundation for the great success that SatisFeet experienced immediately after its market launch.

Only the best is good enough - naturally with SatisFeet

SatisFeet was developed in collaboration with leading podiatrists and specialists to meet the individual needs of the entire clientele.


When nature meets science